Work Packages

The project is designed around five main work packages, and a sixth project management package.

  • WP1: Demonstration projects in the four front runner cities

NBS demonstration projects are co-designed, co-delivered and co-managed with local stakeholders in each of the four Frontrunner Cities (Manchester, Valencia, Wroclaw, Wuhan), guided by the Green Cities Framework developed for GrowGreen.

  • WP2: Monitoring and evaluation

The demonstration projects are monitored and evaluated against a set of objectives established for each city, including climate resilience, environmental, social and economic objectives. The monitoring is integrated with each city’s existing smart city monitoring systems.

  • WP3: Green Cities Framework and NBS strategies development

The Green Cities Framework will be further developed to support cities across the world in establishing NBS at site, neighbourhood and city levels.

  • WP4: Global market and policy development

Needs and opportunities for NBS products and services are identified to support the growth of the NBS market. By working with policy-makers, the development of NBS policies at regional, national and international level is supported.

  • WP5: Dissemination, exploitation and communication

Awareness raising and capacity building activities to support the development and implementation of city NBS strategies across the world. GrowGreen will contribute to a Community of Practice for NBS in cities to share information with other relevant initiatives and projects.

  • WP6: Overall Project Management and Coordination

Financial and administrative management of the project, as well as technical coordination.