Brest takes action to manage flooding with nature-based solutions

The city of Brest in France is vulnerable to sudden flooding caused by heavy rainfall, made worse by climate change and the roads, pavements and other impermeable surfaces in the city. As part of its activities in GrowGreen, the city is updating its stormwater management plan to better manage rain and reduce flood risk.

Installing parks, gardens and other nature-based solutions in the city reduces the area of impermeable surfaces. In these spaces, rain soaks in to the soil rather than flowing into the stormwater drain system or collecting on the surface. This video explains more about the stormwater management system in Brest and how nature-based solutions can help tackle flooding.

As part of this work, the city is developing pilot projects, including creating a floodable public park (Kertatupage) and redesigning a park in a way that allows the river to expand and the public to use the space (Keravelloc). Recently, a class of school children contributed to the restoration of the River Spernot in Keravelloc Park – learn more here.

Francis Grosjean, Vice-President of Brest Metropole in charge of water, sanitation and sensitive spaces, said, “restoring the normal functioning of streams, all the more so in a highly urbanised area like ours, is essential. I believe that, in general, the message is clear and must be hammered: water, biodiversity, climate change – same fight!