GrowGreen cities take big steps forward

A plethora of nature-based solutions are now in place in the GrowGreen cities – from a park that drinks water in Manchester, to a green street in Wroclaw, and a green roof in Valencia – and yet more are to come. In Brest, a floodable park is nearing completion, which will give local people and biodiversity more space while absorbing and storing rainwater. The canal waters leaving the city of Modena will soon be treated using natural processes, and in Zadar a new map details all of the green spaces across the city.

With these successes, the cities are turning to developing strategies for nature-based solutions. Based on assessments of climate change risks and existing green spaces, the strategies will provide a basis for replicating the nature-based solutions already in place. They also consider the financing and governance structures that are needed to make change happen on the ground and are based on a solid foundation of citizen and stakeholder engagement.

Click the links to their newly revamped webpages to learn more about what each city has achieved and has in the pipeline!