A new forest for Valencia

Through GrowGreen, Valencia City Council has recently put a project out to tender for creating a new sustainable forest in the Benicalap-Ciutat Fallera neighbourhood of the city. The forest will join and extend the existing Benicalap Park.

The site for the new forest is ideal – in recent years, it has only been used as an occasional landfill and car park. For a long time it was surrounded by large concrete blocks that prevented access and aimed to keep the area clean and tidy.

The new project will create an urban grove, with natural topography and many more trees and plants. It also includes features to manage water, which will retain rainwater to reduce flooding and avoid overloading the public drainage system. To do this, a perimeter ditch and three large hollows will be created and joined in a cascade.

Trees that are currently a safety hazard due to the risk of falling branches and that are not in good health will be removed. New native trees will be planted, such as Celtis australis, Pinus pinea or Quercus faginea.

The sustainable forest will be a new natural area in the neighbourhood, open all day and accessible through a new access point. Benches, a fountain, bins and natural play equipment with logs will be provided for the park’s visitors. Information boards will inform people about the innovations in the project that will more efficiently manage water.

The project site also includes two farmsteads of great heritage value, which are in the process of being restored.

Valencia City Council promotes and approves the project, and executes the work. Bipolaire Arquitectos is responsible for the design, which continues the expansion of Benicalap Park proposed by the architect Miguel del Rey.

The original Spanish version of this article can be found here.

Photo: Las Naves