New green roof installed on a senior centre in Valencia

As part of GrowGreen, a new green roof has been installed on the Benicalap Senior Centre in Valencia, providing benefits for health and for the environment.
The project, managed by the City of Valencia in collaboration with the Las Naves Innovation Centre, is part of GrowGreen’s ‘Més Verd Benicalap’ (Greener Benicalap) initiative. Més Verd Benicalap consists of a set of actions in the Benicalap neighbourhood to address the problems and needs of its inhabitants. Councillor for the Climate Emergency and Energy Transition, Alejandro Ramón, explained that the project ‘seeks nature-based solutions to combat the negative effects of climate change’. Carlos Galiana, Councillor for Innovation, said that ‘with the installation of the green roof on the senior centre, we will improve people’s psychological health and contribute to improving environmental conditions in the neighbourhood’.

The city’s Department of the Climate Emergency and Energy Transition installed the 345 m2 extensive green roof on Benicalap’s municipal activity centre for elderly people. Councillor Ramón explained that ‘the vegetation that will cover the roof will reduce heat stress in the building, increasing comfort and decreasing energy demand, and therefore reducing its carbon footprint’.

Green roofs filter toxic substances, contributing to improving people’s health. They can also retain up to 90% of rainwater and help to humidify the air, thus creating a more pleasant climate. The reduction in noise that the roof provides will benefit the elderly people who come to the activity centre.

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Photo credit: Las Naves