Stakeholders meet in Modena to collaborate on managing floods

The city of Modena, Italy, is at risk of localised flooding due to its canal network and proximity to two rivers. As part of its work in GrowGreen, the city will incorporate nature-based solutions into its plan for hydraulic risk management.

The GrowGreen team in Modena has been working on environmental assessments of urban spaces, green areas and buildings across the city to inform this plan. These assessments will be used to develop models to understand the effects of rainwater and identify nature-based solutions to contain and absorb it.

In April, the team met with local stakeholders to jointly develop understanding of the flooding problem and potential measures to manage it, and to identify future activities.

The group also discussed possibilities for dealing with the effects of drought, which is also a challenge for managing water requirements. However, it’s understood that the main aim for Modena is to control harmful floods.  Environmental indicators were also assessed, ranging from the implementation of green space to reducing impacts, to ensure they’re not overlooked in the context of GrowGreen activities.

The stakeholders represented institutions and organisations working with air pollution, noise, urban heat island, public health and environmental sustainability. They were interested in collaborating on the development of a future strategy for nature-based solutions, and in forming a local working group for the project.

Benefits of nature-based solutions for regions of the city