December 2017

GrowGreen Newsletter #1

GrowGreen is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to create climate and water resilient, healthy and liveable cities by investing in nature-based solutions.

The GrowGreen partnership will give space to nature in urban planning and development by joining forces with cities and experts in Europe and around the world, to implement solutions that deliver social, environmental and economic benefits. By embedding nature-based solutions in long term city planning, development and management, accessible green and blue spaces are a permanent feature of urban areas, creating harmony between people, economy and the environment, for the benefit of all.

How to create green cities for all

There are many reasons why we need our cities to be green: to improve citizen health; to reduce flood risk; to keep us cool in ever hotter summers; to provide homes for wildlife; to clean the air we breathe, the list goes on.

So, if there are so many benefits, why aren’t all our cities green?
There are lots of reasons. The GrowGreen project is looking to address:

1. Keeping it simple and talking the right language
2. Planning your green city and involving the potential 'beneficiaries' in its development
3. Beneficiaries as investors
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Front page of GrowGreen leaflet

GrowGreen leaflet available online

The GrowGreen leaflet introduces the project and what it aims to achieve. It can now be downloaded from our website. Read more.


Paving stone: 'Men and nature must work hand in hand. The throwing out of balance of the resources of nature throws out of balance also the lives of men.'

GrowGreen goes to Washington DC

The work done by GrowGreen partners was showcased at the Green Growth Knowledge Platform Annual Conference to help pave the way for city greening to become a mainstream part of 21st century cities. Read more.


Winning team holding certificates

Manchester hosts climate hackathon

The Climathon got local students and local people involved in designing ways to improve green infrastructure in the West Gorton area of Manchester, a GrowGreen city. A team of six landscape architect students produced the winning design. Read more. 

Aerial view of Wroclaw

Meet our cities

GrowGreen works with Manchester (UK), Valencia (Spain), Wroclaw (Poland) and Wuhan (China) as frontrunner cities that will develop demonstration projects for nature-based solutions. Manchester will develop green infrastructure to address flood risk in a neighbourhood near the city centre, while Valencia aims to rehabilitate gardens and a forest to reduce heat stress. Wroclaw is affected by both heat and water risks, and so its demonstration projects of pocket parks, green walls and a green street will aim to address both.  Wuhan is a rapidly developing city and is part of the pilot phase of the Chinese Sponge Cities Programme.

Footpath through park in Valencia
The frontrunner cities are each paired with a follower city with similar climate challenges, to support them in developing their nature-based solutions strategies. Brest (France) will learn from Manchester to revise its stormwater management master plan. Modena (Italy) follows Wroclaw to also revise its water management plan, and incorporate lessons learnt on managing the urban heat island. Zadar (Croatia) will bring together stakeholders for a shared strategy on nature-based solutions.

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This project runs from June 2017 to May 2022 and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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