City Actions

GrowGreen works with several cities across Europe to develop nature-based solutions demonstration projects, designed to tackle flood risk and/or heat stress while providing a suite of other benefits for urban residents. The demonstration projects are designed with local people and stakeholder organisations and their impacts on a range of issues are monitored.

The insights from the nature-based solutions demonstration projects feed into a process to create or update nature-based solutions strategies in each of the cities. The strategies aim to provide a city-wide approach to using nature to address the climate change challenges identified across the city. Again the strategies are designed with local stakeholders, ensuring that the outcomes are effective for meeting their needs now and in the future.

The cities involved in GrowGreen each bring different contexts and circumstances in which to test nature-based solutions. The collaborate and share experiences to learn from the different processes followed and identify solutions to common challenges.

For more information on the GrowGreen cities, please click here.