GrowGreen Cities

GrowGreen works with Manchester (UK), Valencia (Spain) and Wroclaw (Poland) to develop demonstration projects for nature-based solutions. Manchester will use green infrastructure to address flood risk in a neighbourhood near the city centre, while Valencia aims to rehabilitate gardens and a forest to reduce heat stress. Wroclaw is affected by both heat and water risks, and so its demonstration projects of pocket parks, green walls and a green street will aim to address both. Wuhan (China) is working with nature-based solutions as part of the pilot phase of the Chinese Sponge Cities Programme.

GrowGreen works with a further three cities with similar climate challenges and supports them in developing their nature-based solutions strategies. Brest (France) is assessing climate change challenges in the territory to develop a strategy for using nature-based solutions to tackle them. Modena (Italy) is developing a new strategic approach for nature-based solutions in the particular context of its UNESCO World Heritage status. Zadar (Croatia) is bringing together stakeholders for a shared urban strategy on nature-based solutions.

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