Manchester, Valencia and Wroclaw start co-designing nature-based solutions demonstration projects with citizens and stakeholders.


Manchester, Valencia and Wroclaw finalise the co-designs for demonstration projects and start planning the construction works. The cities start working together to begin developing their nature-based solutions strategies. Frameworks to monitor the nature-based solutions are developed and put in place.


Co-delivery/construction of demonstration projects in Manchester, Valencia and Wroclaw is completed. Brest, Modena and Zadar continue preparatory work for developing their nature-based solutions strategies, including implementing NBS pilot projects.


Monitoring and co-management of demonstration projects begin. All cities continue to work on developing or updating their nature-based solutions strategies, with support from each other and GrowGreen partners.


Capacity building and knowledge sharing continues between GrowGreen cities, as well as with replication cities.


Results of monitoring and co-management of demonstration projects and strategy and project development in GrowGreen and replication cities are presented and shared.