Flexible Adaptation Pathway approach: Application for West Gorton, Manchester

The Flexible Adaptation Pathway, is a dynamic adaptive planning tool, that aims to support the best decision making, by “choosing among a number of planning and/or design alternatives in order to change system outcomes in a desired way”. The Flexible Adaptation Pathway helps to deploy long-term responses to reduce climate risks and can also be used for other non-binding policy purposes.

Manchester City Council has been very active in relation to climate action in the last years and has undertaken several studies and analysis to identify the city´s potential to fight against climate change. GrowGreen has offered the opportunity to build a Flexible Adaptation Pathway for West Gorton, complementing other previous studies such as the Net-Benefit Wheel work.

The Flexible Adaptation Pathway enables a comparison of the different planning scenarios in a specific area – combining different NbS and their potential effectiveness against a specific challenge, in order to select the best alternative to increase climate resilience.

The full report can be accessed here.