Define climate change problems

The problems caused by climate change may not be equally experienced across your city. So it is helpful to assess which areas of the city are most affected by climate change risks and which are most vulnerable to its effects. This helps to detect challenges, identify areas at risk and define priority areas for NBS implementation. Spatial analyses and climate change scenarios should be analysed.

Example: Identifying climate change challenges in Modena.Modena, Italy, has seen rising temperatures, drier summers and floods in spring. Understanding how these risks affect different parts of the city is critical for designing an effective nature-based solutions strategy. The GrowGreen team in Modena has analysed and modelled these climate changes over the last 60 years. This information will be used to develop effective actions for increasing the city’s resilience. Read more

GrowGreen tools:

Unpackaging Urban Heat Island: concepts, methods and practice examples for assessing urban climate and UHI effect to enhance planning decisions

Tecnalia, IUCN, Manchester City Council

External guidance and resources:
ARIES – mapping natural capital and ecosystem services
ARIES project

Urban Flood Management in a Changing Climate
Associated Programme on Flood Management

Urban Adaptation Support Tool
Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

Ecodistr-ICT Integrated Decision Support System
Ecodistr-ICT project

QuickScan – participatory modelling method for environmental assessments
EEA and Wageningen University

Envimet – City catchment analysis tool

Watershed Management Optimisation Support Tool

MapNat app (mapping nature’s services)

Green City Tool – Assessment on approach to Nature & Biodiversity
European Commission DG Environment

Evaluating green infrastructure: A combined sewer overflow control alternative for long-term control plans
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Greening CSO plans: Planning and modelling green infrastructure for combined sewer overflow (CSO) control

Benefits wheel methodology
Manchester City Council

New Jersey Stormwater Best Practices Management manual
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Green infrastructure modelling toolkit