Wroclaw creates space for nature-based solutions to improve quality of life

The city of Wroclaw in Poland is one of the frontrunner cities of the GrowGreen project, which is creating new high quality green spaces in order to demonstrate how nature can contribute to improving the local climate, urban water management and air quality. Green roofs, green walls and pocket parks will be designed in collaboration with local residents to promote community engagement and green education.

The measures taken will complement the evidence base for nature-based solutions and will serve as a case for learning, sharing and replication. They will also support the development and integration of nature-based solutions in policies to increase urban climate resilience, in line with the GrowGreen objectives.

Johanna Kiernicka-Allavena, Director of the Climate and Nature Protection Office of the Municipality of Wroclaw, explains: “various actions will be developed to reduce local temperatures, increase air humidity, provide shelter against heat and manage rainwater more effectively”.

Professor Jerzy Zwoździak, Director of the Environmental Risk Assessment and Ecosystem Monitoring Centre of the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, adds that these developments create cooperation and citizen involvement, as residents will take part in designing the nature-based solutions in their neighbourhood.

Learn more about GrowGreen in Wroclaw by watching our video: