City Actions

GrowGreen works with Manchester (UK), Valencia (Spain), Wroclaw (Poland) and Wuhan (China) as frontrunner cities that will develop demonstration projects for nature-based solutions. Manchester will use green infrastructure to address flood risk in a neighbourhood near the city centre, while Valencia aims to rehabilitate gardens and a forest to reduce heat stress. Wroclaw is affected by both heat and water risks, and so its demonstration projects of pocket parks, green walls and a green street will aim to address both. Wuhan is a rapidly developing city and is part of the pilot phase of the Chinese Sponge Cities Programme.

GrowGreen has paired the frontrunner cities with a follower city with similar climate challenges to support them in developing their nature-based solutions strategies. Brest (France) will collaborate with Manchester to revise its stormwater management master plan. Modena (Italy) will exchange with Wroclaw to revise its water management plan, and incorporate lessons learnt on managing urban heat island effects. Zadar (Croatia) is paired with Valencia and will bring together stakeholders for a shared urban strategy on nature-based solutions.