GrowGreen compendium of nature-based solutions released

GrowGreen has released a new compendium of nature-based and grey solutions to common challenges related to climate and water management in cities.

According to a market analysis conducted as part of the GrowGreen project, significant barriers that prevent the wider deployment of Nature-based Solutions (NBS) in European cities include the lack of familiarity with NBS and the uncertainty regarding their effectiveness. Organised and comprehensive information on the availability and effectiveness of such solutions in addressing climate- and water-related challenges is of utmost importance in order to ensure that such solutions are utilised to their full potential.

The overarching goal of this report is to address this need and present detailed information on the NBS and their ‘grey’ counterparts used in tackling six common natural hazards in European cities: heat stress, river flooding, surface water (or pluvial) flooding, coastal flooding, water scarcity, and poor water quality. The solutions identified are presented in individual factsheets that include a detailed description of each solution, the problems addressed and the (co-)benefits provided, evidence of their effectiveness and potential disadvantages, and cost information. The fact sheets also provide references to further resources on each solution. The report can serve as a reference catalogue of available NBS for researchers and practitioners.

Photo: La Citta Vita/Flickr: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0